Recent changes and upcoming new features

We've been making some changes to Escort Babe over the last week or two, and we have some exciting new features planned for the near future.

(Actually, the process started some time ago, but it's only recently that visible changes would have appeared.)

Just in case you haven't noticed or haven't had a need to login and update your website recently, here's some information so you know what's going on.

Recent Changes

Change of control panel and layout

We've changed the layout of your site's 'control panel' in order to accommodate adding more features. Previously, it was a single strip of tabs. Now it's two levels and the various content and settings for your site are arranged in a new hopefully-easier-to-understand format. The theme browser and how site previews are done has changed also, hopefully also for the better :)

We needed to rearrange the tabs because there just wasn't space in the old format to fit the features we'd be adding.

Custom urls for your pages

The first new feature we recently added is the ability to choose your own urls for your pages. Previously, all your site pages had boring, uninformative urls like page1, page2, etc. Now you can choose your own urls.

For example:

Your 'About' page can be at http://<yoursite>

Your gallery can be at http://<yoursite> or http://<yoursite> or some other url you'd prefer.

This makes it easier for visitors to navigate around your site and it looks nicer.

Site logo vs site name

Another new feature we added is a site logo. You can now choose whether to display your site name or site logo, or both, on your site. If you can knock up a small logo or image for yourself (or get a friend to do it), you can now have that displayed on your site.

One good use of this feature is if you want your site name to be written in a special font - adding a unique personalisation to your site. Use a graphics editing package like Photoshop (or there may be websites where you can do this online) and make an image of your site name in your desired font. Then upload this image as your site logo. Done!

The only minor problem with the site logo feature right now is the positioning of the logo. You can't change where it begins getting displayed on your site. If you have a logo which is a larger or smaller or wider than expected, then it may mess up your site's layout. This feature works best if you constrain your logo such that it fits on your site nicely.

(However, we do have an upcoming custom css feature which allows you to adjust the positioning of the site logo - albeit it's an advanced and not-easy-to-use feature. See below.)


Another new feature we have recently added is inbuilt support for banners. You know ... all those banner images that listing sites require that you place on your site before you can list on theirs.

Your site's Content tab now has a Banners section where you can upload image banners or copy-and-paste HTML code from elsewhere. These banners can then be shown on your site's frontpage and/or on a separate banners page.

Now that you can easily add banners, there's nothing stopping you from getting your site listed all over the Internet!

Upcoming Changes

And in addition to what's already been done, we're not stopping there! Here are some planned changes for the next few weeks.

Custom css

This will allow you to customise the appearance of your site using custom css. You can change many aspects of how your site looks such as spacing, colours, layout, font etc.

Unfortunately, css is an advanced feature that requires learning about web pages and design in order to use it, so it's not expected to be readily accessible to most users. However, if you'd like an adjustment to the way your site looks, please contact us and drop us a mesage. If it's a straightforward css change, we can work it out for you.

Custom domains

The other big feature in the pipeline is custom domains. With this feature, you can have your site appear at your own custom web address like instead of having to use something like http://<yoursite> This will make your site look standalone and more professional.

Premium sites

Custom css and custom domains will be premium features. They will not be available on free sites.

We will be introducing a payment plan for premium sites which will have extra features, including custom css and custom domains, and other as-yet-unknown features. Please stay tuned and watch this space.


So there you have it: A description of what's been happening behind the scenes at Escort Babe, and some idea of the exciting things planned for the near future.

Like always, if you have any feedback for us, please let us know. We'd like to hear from you, whether it's your opinion, reporting bugs, ideas for improving Escort Babe, criticism or just chit chat. Please contact us and drop us a message.

Thank you for reading and have a nice day. Enjoy Escort Babe!