Custom domains and premium subscriptions are now available

Custom domains are now available!

If you own or control your own internet domain name, you can now have your Escort Babe website appear on that domain. In other words, your Escort Babe website can now be located on an address such as

Recent changes and upcoming new features

We've been making some changes to Escort Babe over the last week or two, and we have some exciting new features planned for the near future.

(Actually, the process started some time ago, but it's only recently that visible changes would have appeared.)

Just in case you haven't noticed or haven't had a need to login and update your website recently, here's some information so you know what's going on.

Should an escort get their own website or rely on directory listings?

As an independent escort, this is one question that is sure to come up at some point. Probably early on, but even if you decide not to get your own website, there may always be that feeling of "what if ... ?"

So let's consider the merits of having your own website to promote your escort activities.

Escort Babe Websites is Open!

Welcome to Escort Babe, the new easy way to create your gorgeous escort website online!

You can now have a sleek and gorgeous website that looks as beautiful as you, AND you can manage it all yourself in a matter of minutes! Why spend lots of time and money getting a website created from scratch when Escort Babe can do it for you?

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