Should an escort get their own website or rely on directory listings?

As an independent escort, this is one question that is sure to come up at some point. Probably early on, but even if you decide not to get your own website, there may always be that feeling of "what if ... ?"

So let's consider the merits of having your own website to promote your escort activities.

However, before we continue. there is one thing that needs to be made clear.

The question is not whether to have your own website OR rely solely on directory listings of escorts. The question is whether to have your own website IN ADDITION to using directory listings.

Chances are, you will have to rely on directory listings to some degree, especially when starting out. You won't be able to generate enough leads from your website alone.

(Unless you've been around for a long time and you have a large repeat clientele, but if you were, you wouldn't be reading this :) )

Directory Listings

Let's first consider directory listings.

When I say directory listings, I mean sites which display lists of escorts and allow you to add yourself to them, often for a fee.

Works straight away

The good thing about listings is that they work straight away: You submit your profile, upload some photos and then you're done.

There will (should?) already be some traffic going to the directory, and if you have a decent profile, some of the visitors will see it and if you interest them, they'll start contacting you.

Limited by how much you can write or show

Whilst listings start generating leads immediately, they're also somewhat restrictive. They'll be limitations of some sort or another. Perhaps there's a limit to how much you can write, or how many photos you can upload, or how large your photos can be. In most cases, you're confined to a single page of text to write your pitch - not exactly helpful if you want to say a lot about yourself.

In a way, this isn't all bad because it's a level playing ground that other providers in the directory also have to work from. However, it can get frustrating, especially if you feel that you've been stymied at attracting valuable traffic.

Competing with other providers

Another thing to consider about directory listings is that there's competition. There will be other providers on the list, and your prospective clients will be looking at them too.

In a way, listing with a directory is like working at a parlour and doing introductions. The client has a number of providers to choose from and you only have a limited opportunity to make your best impression and persuade them to pick you.

Whilst there's a cliche that competition is good for everyone involved, in reality, the opposite is more likely to be true: The less competition you have, the better your chances are of attracting clientele.

Personal Escort Website

Now that we've covered what a directory listing gives you, let's look at what having your own escort website can do for you.

Express yourself

Firstly, with your own website, you have the freedom to express yourself. You can write as much as you like, show your photos however you like. You can structure your content across multiple pages in the best way to get your message across.

Your own escort website would allow you to present a more individual look and feel that is more suited to you. It gives you an opportunity to tell prospective clients more about you.

This can be very useful in converting traffic. The more time a prospective client spends looking at more information about you and the more they feel they know about you, the more likely they are likely to follow through and contact you.

More professional

Having an escort website makes you look more classy and professional. It instantly conveys a feeling of "This person is serious and professional about being an escort" to them.

There is a psychological halo effect. If your website looks good and flatters you, that rubs off on the client and makes them value your company more. Needless to say, this helps in attracting more work and also sometimes allows you to charge higher fees.

Exclusive attention

When a visitor goes to your website, they're no longer concentrating on anyone else. You now have their exclusive, unfettered attention and that's much easier to work with. You don't have to compete with any other providers. If you can entice them to your website, the likelihood that they will choose you over someone else becomes much higher.

Furthermore, once a person has visited about your website, the next time they may go straight to it, bypassing any directory listings and any temptations to consider others. This effect is more pronounced with repeat clientele.

More features

Having your own escort website allows you to add extra features such as a blog, or a twitter link, or anything else you can think of. This is another case of having the freedom to do as you like when you have your own site.

However, it's probably a good idea not to go overboard with too many extras. At the end of the day your website is a marketing tool to convert visitors.

Starting a blog or using twitter may help in this regard, or it may not. This is a very individual decision and the right choice depends on you and your circumstances. You may decide that immersing yourself into your escort role too much makes you uncomfortable or is simply not necessary. Or maybe you have an urge to write and write so you want to start a blog. Everyone will have their own preferences.


Hopefully this gives you a better idea of whether you should have your own personal escort website. There is no right or wrong choice. If you already have enough work from directory listings and you're satisfied with it, then perhaps there is no need for an escort website.

Or if you want to present a more professional image or you want to express more of yourself, then your own escort website is the way to go.

Ultimately, it comes down to a balance of what works best for you, what feels appropriate, and whether it helps to generates leads. Think about it.

Thank you for reading.

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